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Embark on the Classic Car Journey

At Good Timers, we're more than just a business - we're a timeless journey fueled by passion. Every classic car has a story, and we're dedicated to preserving and sharing these tales with the world. From the bustling streets of Lyon to the vast expanses of the international market, we seek out automotive legends and bring them closer to you. Our commitment goes beyond transactions; it's about reigniting the spirit of a bygone era and ensuring these magnificent machines continue to roar for generations to come. Dive into history with us and experience the thrill of the classics.

Thomas Reynaud
Automotive Adventurer
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Journeying Together
Our Clients Speak


I've always dreamt of owning a 1967 Mustang, but didn't know where to begin. Good Timers made my dream a reality. They sourced the exact model I wanted in pristine condition. Truly a class apart!

Michael Richardson

York, UK


Importing my Toyota 2000GT from Japan seemed like a huge task. Good Timers made it a breeze. They managed everything from customs to safe transport. A top-notch service I'd recommend to anyone.

Monica Martinez

Savannah, USA


Registering my Excalibur in France felt complicated, but the Good Timers team made it feel easy. They handled every detail, ensuring a smooth transition for my beauty. Couldn't be more grateful

Lucas David

Rocamadour, France


I chose to sell my Alfa Romeo Spider through Good Timers. Their consignment service was professional, transparent, and efficient. The car was sold to another enthusiast in record time.

Chiara Rossi

Ravello, Italy
St Louis Car Museum
streetside Classics
Gateway Classic Cars
Daniel Schmitt Classic Car Gallery
Fastlane Classic Cars
Gashole Garage

Crafting Experiences

Driven by Passion,
Defined by Excellence

Unmatched Expertise

With years of experience under our belt, our team has a deep-rooted understanding of the classic car market.

Global Network

Our vast international network allows us to find, negotiate, and transport cars from anywhere in the world.

Tailored Services

very client is unique, and we offer bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Integrity and Transparency

Honesty and clarity are at the core of our dealings, ensuring a surprise-free experience.

Strong Partnerships

Our collaboration with trusted garages and partners ensures consistent quality at every step.

Excellence First

Our reputation stands on the satisfaction of our clients, and we always strive to exceed your expectations.

Classic queries, clear answers

Your questions about the classic car journey answered

Navigating the world of classic cars can sometimes feel like decoding a vintage map: intriguing, filled with potential discoveries, but occasionally a bit perplexing. As seasoned guides of this classic journey, we understand the myriad questions that might cross your mind. From the winding routes of sourcing the perfect vehicle to the intricate dance of international transport, we're here to shed light on every twist and turn. Dive into our FAQ, where we demystify the most common curiosities, ensuring your adventure is as smooth as a well-tuned classic engine.

Our unique blend of passion for classic cars, extensive global network, and personalized services ensures that every client's dream car journey is both seamless and memorable.

While we have strong networks in the USA, France, Germany, Italy, and the UK, we can source classic cars from numerous countries around the world, ensuring a diverse range of options for our clients.

Each car undergoes a meticulous inspection by our expert team. We also collaborate with trusted garages and partners to guarantee the car's quality, history, and authenticity.

Absolutely! Our tailored services mean we'll go the extra mile to find the specific model or make you're yearning for.

With our comprehensive services, we handle all aspects of import and export, including negotiation, transport, customs duties, and more. Our aim is to make the process as hassle-free for you as possible.

Registering a classic car can be complex, but we simplify it. We handle all the necessary paperwork and ensure that the car is registered according to the regulations of the respective country.

If you're looking to sell your classic car, we assist in listing, marketing, and selling the vehicle on your behalf. Our transparent process ensures you get the best value for your classic gem.

Our commitment doesn't end with the sale. We're here to assist and address any concerns or questions you might have post-purchase. Your satisfaction drives our reputation.